FlowOx by Otivio is a new direction in home treatment

Welcome to FlowOx™. The worlds first Pulsating Negative Pressure Therapy for home use.

FlowOx is convenient, gentle and easy to use. It works by gently stimulating the blood circulation all the way to the skin – like with our muscles we need to train even the smallest blood vessels (capillaries) in order for them to function.


First RCT to show improved walking capacity

First multi-centre randomized controlled trial using FlowOx™, published in Journal of Vascular Surgery, shows improved walking capacity for patients with intermittent claudication, also known as “windows shopper’s disease”.

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About FlowOx

Is FlowOx for me?

FlowOx is for patients who suffer from blood flow deficiencies in the lower limbs such as Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), e.g., Diabetic Foot Syndrom, but people with paralysis (due to spinal cord injury) suffering from pressure ulcers as well as dialysis patients will benefit from using FlowOx™.

What is FlowOx?

A revolutionary new technology for the treatment of reduced peripheral micro circulation

How Does it work?

FlowOx works by exercising the blood vessels from the small arteries to the capillaries in the outer layers of the skin.

Who can benefit from using FlowOx?

FlowOx is suitable for most patients with poor peripheral blood circulation all the way to the skin: Patients with PAD; diabetic foot ulcers, spinal cord injured and dialysis patients with chronic wounds.

Can FlowOx be integrated into an existing therapy?

FlowOx is an additional treatment and can be used in conjunction with standard care (typical wound care and medication).

Without FlowOx I would have lost my other leg as well – and I am not sure I would have been here today…That is what FlowOx has done for me..

​​Stine, Norway

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FlowOx – By Otivio

Otivio AS is a medtech development company based in Oslo, Norway. FlowOx is a non-invasive medical device for home treatment addressing insufficient blood flow to the limbs associated with peripheral arterial disease, diabetes and other arterial blood flow deficiencies. FlowOx is documented to reduce or eliminate these outcomes which represent a big impact on Quality of Life and health care costs. FlowOx is CE marked and available in Germany, UK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

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