FlowOx by Otivio

​​Otivio is a small medtech development company based in Oslo, Norway. Our vision is to stimulate active self care and treatment through simple and easy to use home treatment devices and services.


FlowOx by Otivio is a new direction in self healthcare

Otivio AS is a privately owned company based in Oslo, Norway. The company was founded in 2010 based on IP, prototypes and clinical data developed at University of Oslo. Otivio is ISO 13485 certified. Our main product FlowOx is a non-invasive medical device for home use addressing insufficient blood flow to the limbs assosciated with peripheral arterial disease, diabetes and other medical conditions. These conditions lead to pain, chronic wounds and amputations.

FlowOx is documented to reduce or eliminate these outcomes which represent a big impact on Quality of Life and health care costs. FlowOx represents a solution for transition from hospital to home treatment accentuated by the COVID-19 outbreak. FlowOx is CE marked and available in Germany, UK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Current sales trajectory validates the need for and value of FlowOx.


Who are we at Otivio?

The management team of Otivio has, on average, more than 20 years of experience from the life science industry.

Andreas Mollatt

+47 934 46 261

Iacob Mathiesen

+47 468 90 416

Hans Petter Tjeldflaat


Claus Kjærsgaaard

​​+45 538 49 718

Brian Alberts
Project and Logistic Coordinator

+47 (0) 930 05 210

Ira Sankhayan
Head of QA/RA

+47 (0) 470 24 079

Henrik Hoel
Clinical Researcher


Jody McIntosh
Clinical Researcher


​​Lynsey Adderley-Dey
​​Business Development Manager UK

+44 (0) 7311 821 833

​​Tarwinder Singh
​​Office Administrator

+47 (0) 465 26 169

​​Punit Patel
​​Quality Assurance Manager

+47 (0) 930 14 786

About flowox

FlowOx in the Press

Otivio has developed FlowOx™ for patients suffering from the effects of PAD such as leg pain and chronic wounds. Early long-term testing documents increased blood flow.

cooperative partners

With a Little Help

Otivio has a strong setup of partners and suppliers all the way from design, development and manufacturing to clinical documentation, sales and distribution.

Norway Health Tech
Oslo, Norway

Oslo Medtech is a health technology cluster, dedicated to accelerate and support the development of new medtech, eHealth products, services and innovative solutions for the Norwegian and global health care market.

Innokas Medical
Kempele, Finland

Innokas Medical have been producing health technology since 1994. They focus on design and manufacturing of medical equipment under the world’s leading brand names in accordance with their specific strategy and values.

Oslo University Hospital
Aker, Norway

The heart, lung and vascular clinic at Oslo University hospital is Scandinavia’s largest center for cardiovascular disease treatment.

H&R Healthcare
Melton, United Kingdom

Established near Hull in 2006, they represent world-class companies in the product areas of Advanced Wound Management, Compression, Infection Control and Skin Protection.

MediQ – Innovations Experts
Frankfurt, Germany

Mediq is a strategy and innovation consulting firm for the German and European healthcare market. We specialize in strategy development for technology and service innovations.

St. Olav Hospital
Sørlandet sykehus


What’s New With FlowOx?

We are always working on making FlowOx the greatest way to treat PAD. Here are our latest news regarding Otivio and FlowOx.